Building Date:


Transfer of Ownership:

• These two barns are part of the Isaac Cox Cobblestone Farmstead on River Road.
• Isaac Cox was one of Wheatland’s earliest settlers.
• Thomas Brown and his wife Melissa Cox contracted with J.T. Wells & Sons in 1896.
• The large hay barn was built first. The smaller horse barn was constructed after that.
• John and Catherine Reisch bought the property in 1899.
• Frances Krenzer purchased the portion of the farmland across the road in 1964.
• George Letson purchased the house, barns, and 30 acres from the Reisch Family in 1966.
• Peter Letson, George’s son, lived on the farm until he passed away in early 2016.
• The property was recently sold to Kane Gascon.

Present Owner:

These Wells barns were purchased in 2016 by Kane Gascon.


Pratt, B., & Pratt, J. (2004). Wells barns: J.T. Wells & Sons, Scottsville, NY 1886-1942: Barns still standing. Bloomfield, NY: Bob and Judy Pratt.

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